For someone who is a planning freak, every day is supposed to make sense right? No, unfortunately not. 🙄

Ever felt stuck with yourself on some days? You are actually doing all the things in your to-do list but something doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, I feel this way myself, so you should read further to learn one or two things.

On a fateful day, I felt like the tasks I did the previous day somehow were not what I needed to do yesterday although some were. For someone who likes to plan I was just not alright and knew something was wrong. 😑

I had gotten some engagements recently and I was yet to plan them. I just had them in my head.

So, I decided to toss away my to-do list. I went with my flow. I was ready to not even do anything at all, this feeling comes with tiredness, so I was just going to plan and get my system back when I could.

Nevertheless, I kept a log of my day. (Ofcourse, that’s how I am able to write about this to you now) 🤗
NB: I’m able to do this because I am used to the flow of my day. If you do not have a direction before you probably may not be able to do this. So, be guided. 👀

After engaging in a few of my morning routines, a global woman went back to sleep, global woman is me, believe me, I kuku like sleep. If you ask me or say it outside, I would deny. Tread carefully. 😌😏

When I woke up, I did leisure things as they came to me. Then I slowly delved into accomplishing my goal for the day, which was getting myself back.

I began with clearing and rearranging my workspace for easy access to my books. I have a way my books have to be arranged, for easy access. (Another story, but I shall not digress.) 🙃

Thereafter, I sat down to plan, arrange, restructure. I have a worksheet that helps me work through my overwhelm, has to be the best thing that happened to me since August 2020. Phew!

Anyways, you know that saying of when you really want a solution to something, one way or the other God just leads you to where to find solutions/answers most weirdly.
(If that’s not a thing, let’s make it one.😌)

Long story short.

After working it all out and figuring my stressor. I don’t even know what I was looking for on Microsoft store, because I rarely go there.
One way or the other I landed on an app that made my day, I was not even searching for apps related. The app is - Todoist

I had always wanted an app that could help me plan out my to-dos on my laptop, so apart from being in my journal and phone, I could see them directly on my laptop, because I had been using my laptop more.

Even though I already had the Notion app, I just wanted something easier. I still use both apps.

At the end of it all, I didn’t just plan, I was also able to do tasks I did not even plan to do that I needed to even do. The fun part, I did more than I’d have done if I had written a to-do list, all I needed was my focus and it was just amazing.

What’s the moral lesson?
1. If you ever feel overwhelmed, taking on more tasks is a bad idea. Your inability to take the intention to sit and figure out what’s causing you stress will only cause a downfall.

2. Sometimes your to-do list might be what is causing your unproductivity. Due to pressure to finish every task or wrong tasks.

3. Learn to plan the big things, so they pave way for smaller activities to happen.

4. Stop trying to manage time - 24 hours will always be 24 hours, manage your focus, manage you.

I hope you found this enlightening.

Feel free to let me know here.

Don’t forget to clap too. 😌💚



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