Once upon a time, I wanted my calendar to be filled just to prove to myself I was busy even when I needed to say no to certain things.

A page in my bullet journal, for your viewing sake. 😋

I know we all like to feel like we are actually doing something at different times, just to feel busy. However, just as a busy life does not equate to a productive life, a filled calendar also does not equate to a productive month.

Know what's going on your calendar and be sure of it. Let it be of use to you.


Be clear with yourself. Prioritize you!
Prioritize what’s of importance.
Build up your no game. Learn to say no respectfully.

My no game is not on a 100 yet but knowing what my daily routine looks like helps me to say no.
For example, self-care goes on my calendar because it is needed and important to me. If I am being asked to do something out of place at that time, I have the right to decide to say no and I know I am saying no for the right reasons. 💚

What should go on your calendar?
Important “You” activities - your routines (eg: Morning and night), self-care time, even your little daily reminders make up your calendar.
Your learning activities.
Your work, business & appointments.
Family and friends time, etc.

Decide what things are important to you.

Also, you can only lie to others, but not to you.
To thyself be true. 🤗
Your BFF in growth,

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